All About Georgia Tech: Sororities, Application, and More!!

Tanvi Dange is a freshman at the Georgia Institute of Technology where she is studying Business Administration- marketing.   When she isn’t in class, she can be found studying in the culc cluft, hanging out in the Alpha Chi Omega sorority house, or eating sesame fries or chili queso at her favorite Korean-Mexican fusion restaurant, Takorea (and did somebody say $2 Taco Tuesdays??).  Here she tells us all about what it’s like going to Georgia Tech- sororities, application advice, and more!

Favorite thing about Georgia Tech? I love the people.  Everyone here is so nice, so smart, so incredible. Being surrounded by them has been amazing.  I also love Greek life.  Being a part of a sorority is really empowering.  I never saw myself in one before college, so it was a pleasant surprise.

What made you rush? Originally, it was solely to meet people.  I wasn’t even sure if I wanted to join a sorority, and I just wanted to meet a lot of people during rush, but then I found A chi O.

What is it like being in a sorority? Great as hell! It’s a social time commitment between weekly chapter meetings chapter, fun events, mixers, and just hanging out with some of the sisters.  But it’s really awesome, and it is a great networking opportunity.  We also have lyre buddies.  Your lyre buddy will text you like “hey do you want to get dinner with me?”, so you get to know some older students too. Like I was saying, it is a commitment, but not like crazy.  Definitely no excuse why you shouldn’t have good grades if you’re in .


How much time do you spend working on your homework per week? A lot, I guess it depends on the day, but on average 6 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Finding a balance has been difficult.  You know that saying that between friends, school, and sleep, you can only choose two- that’s very true.  I never sleep.  I have all this time to study, and I do it with study buddies.  I go to game days. Also, it’s who my friends are.  My friends are the smartest people, and they motivate me to study more than I ever did in high school. That being said, honestly, college is great.

If you could change one thing about Tech, what would it be? I wish more of the technological aspects of the school were incorporated into the business and liberal arts curriculum, or maybe offered as a certificate because I know tech is the future.

Favorite off-campus/on-campus places to eat? Takorea, Ribalta- best Eggplant Parmesan I’ve ever eater. And because I live close to home, my mom brings me food a lot. Also my sorority has a meal plan and  they have really good food, uda bowl and salmon

How do you like the dorms?  We did well with our space.  I think our dorm is very homey. Lights, pictures, but we are in midtown city so I don’t expect too much.

Orientation advice? Take any opportunity you can to meet people.  Tech is a  huge school, but it’s filled with amazing people. Diverse interests- everyone is so cool, and interesting. Meeting them makes you a better person.  Do things you wouldn’t normally do.  Go to clubs, meetings, interviews, just go out and put yourself out there.  Since it is a big school, it’s not like everyone knows everyone else.  There are 7000 undergrads alone. Do what you can to meet as many of them as you can.

Advice on applying to G-tech? Be specific when you’re writing the application. Talk about certain unique things that Georgia Tech offers.  Show them genuine interest because there are lots of tech schools, lots of city schools, so write about what make GGtech unique.

If Georgia Tech was a tv show it would be: Big Bang Theory because we’re all such nerds (laughs)

(Speed Round) Day in the Life:

8:00  am- Wake up and go to finite mathematics. I have that class on east campus, so I sleep on east campus so that I can make it on time.

9:00 am- Take a nap

12:00 pm- Go to my econ lecture.

1:30 pm- Eat in the dining hall, or bring food back to my dorm.

2:00 pm- hw

4:00 pm- Go to the Alpha chi omega house for dinner.

6:00 pm- Some more hw.

*If it’s Thursday I usually will go to a sorority mixer on Thursday night.

8:00 pm -2:00 am- Hang out with friends, and do hw for the rest of the night.

2:00 am- sleep


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