A Day in the Life of a Swimmer at Wellesley College

Beth Nicholoson is a freshman at Wellesley College, a liberal arts college for women located in Wellesley, Massachusetts .  She is a on the swim team and enjoys math and sociology.  When she’s not doing the backstroke , or solving equations, Beth can be found  teasing her roommate, in good spirits, of course- here’s A Day in Her Life! 


On Women’s College: Everyone is really nice and supportive.  I think there is less competition than at a coed school, because guys tend to be given more attention in a classroom setting than women, and many high-achieving women feel the need to compensate for that.  I think the school’s ethos revolves  around encouraging each other to create a world where all women can succeed, starting at Wellesley but extending into each individual student’s community and the wider world.

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Day in the life:

6:00 am- I wake up and head to practice.  Being on an all women’s team is a really different atmosphere, and a really positive one.  We have to practice 8 times a week, but because it’s D3, it’s really about focusing on improvement, team support, and friendly competition, not who makes the cuts for certain meets.

7:00 am- Practice officially starts (after warm up)

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9:00 am- Practice finishes, I eat breakfast with the team

10:00 am- First class of the day! It’s Environmental Policy and it’s usually a lively debate that keeps me awake. I take two classes every day, alternating between my four classes.  For the math major (what I’m leaning towards), you only need to take 8 courses after BC calculus and statistics.  I got a 5 on BC and Stats so I really only have to take 8 to finish the major. But there are a lot of other cool math class options too.

11:00 am- Environmental Policy finishes and I go to my job at the science center library (other days I volunteer at Wellesley’s Child development center as a student teacher for three year olds)

1:30 pm- Time for my second class, The Black Family! This class is amazing.  By far the best class I’ve ever taken, it analyzes American black families from the time ancestors were kidnapped in Africa through today, with a focus on the effects of sociological studies on social policy’s effects on black families.

3:00 pm- Sometimes I go out for coffee in this time, but usually I just watch Netflix or do some reading

4:00 pm- Time for strength and conditioning

5:30 pm– Dry land finishes and I go eat dinner with the team

6:30 pm– For the rest of the night, I go out, hang out with my classmates for group work, do homework, or just relax with some friends

10:00 pm- This is when I usually try to go to bed


Advice about orientation?  Try to meet people, introduce yourself, make yourself memorable, it’s really the only time to go up to someone and develop a friendship for no reason.


If Wellesley was a television show, it would be: Lesbian Bachelorette (jk jk)(I’ve also never seen bachelorette. This is a hard question!)


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