Things to do After January Exams

Every student can relate to that feeling everyone has after January exams are over. It’s something beyond happiness and relieve. And even though the semester it’s not over yet you still have a couple of days to rest and do literally nothing. Because… You deserve it! However, sometimes we have so much spare time after […]

10 Tips for (Mid-Jan Re)Setting New Year’s Resolutions

  Make them small  Something about January 1st makes people ambitious, perhaps too ambitious.  As much as it’s nice to think of the New Year as a fresh start (which                                it absolutely can be!), it’s not a magical day by […]

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College Packing Guide

If you’re living away from home during college, one of the biggest (and first) steps in making the transition to the much talked about secondary education is packing. It’s a huge part of moving out- just ask Andy from Toy Story,  they made a whole movie about him packing it all up! But it can […]

10 Times “Stranger Things” Explained Finals Week

What’s scarier than the upside down? More terrifying than a demogorgan?  Finals.   That’s right ladies and gentlemen, it’s finals week, and right about now,  finding Will seems easier than finding those integrals.   Here are ten times Stranger Things explained Finals Week.     1) when you check your exam calendar and realize that everyone of […]


All the Organizations Matching Your Donation This #GivingTuesday

Happy #GivingTuesday! Whether you can give $1 or $10, everything counts, and if you can’t make a donation today, you can always spread the great news about #GivingTuesday!  The best part is that in the spirit of Giving Tuesday, lots of organizations  will match your donation, so you make double the impact.  We went ahead […]

Interview with Biomedical Sciences Masters Student: Application, Classes, and Medical School!!

Mounika Ponakala is currently in the Rutgers graduate school of biomedical sciences masters program where she plans to go on to medical school to become a neurologist.  When she’s not studying the microscopic structures of tissue, or the chemical and physio-chemical processes that occur in living organisms, she enjoys watching Eleanor Shellstrop figure out her impossible […]


All About Georgia Tech: Sororities, Application, and More!!

Tanvi Dange is a freshman at the Georgia Institute of Technology where she is studying Business Administration- marketing.   When she isn’t in class, she can be found studying in the culc cluft, hanging out in the Alpha Chi Omega sorority house, or eating sesame fries or chili queso at her favorite Korean-Mexican fusion restaurant, Takorea […]

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A Day in the Life of a Pre-Law Student-Athlete at Georgetown University

If was Georgetown a television show it would be: House of Cards (without the people getting pushed in front of the metro).                                                 sound promising? Keep reading! Morning practice or evening practice? […]