College Packing Guide

guy pulling suitcase

If you’re living away from home during college, one of the biggest (and first) steps in making the transition to the much talked about secondary education is packing. It’s a huge part of moving out- just ask Andy from Toy Story,  they made a whole movie about him packing it all up! But it can be confusing, what to take? Should I take that? How many? Will it fit? WIll it get lost?  Here is a college packing list to help the process along.  Enjoy!

Packing for college can be confusing and hard, here are some tips to make it less confusing and less hard.  

guy pulling suitcase

  1. Bring ONLY what you need- When packing space is everything. In your luggage, in your car, and ultimately in your dorm room. Think do I really need this? Will it improve my life this next semester in some way? Is that worth the space it will take up?
  2. Be practical-  This goes hand in hand with the previous point, but bringing that extra decorative pillow and forgoing a shower caddy may seem okay now, but you’re going to regret it in 3.4 days.
  3. Use a Checklist- Most colleges have their own college checklist, but if they don’t, you can find plenty online.  Print it out and use it.
  4. Do your dorm research- If you’re lucky enough to know someone who lived in your particular dorm in the past, ask them what they brought, what was offered.  Otherwise, go to the website for a general overview of the dorm (size, what it comes with, nearby convenience stores etc.)
  5. Don’t sweat it- It’s going to be okay. If worse comes to worse and you forget something, you can always use that amazon prime student free membership to smooth it over.  You got this!

And that’s all for today folks,  Thanks for reading, and happy packing! Here’s our last article about finals week.