Day in the Life of a College Student at Williams College

Peter Le is a freshman at Williams College where he is interested in the social sciences, specifically political economy, statistics, and sociology. When he’s not in class, Peter can be found at the Vietnamese student association, or singing in one of Williams’s co-ed acapella groups, The Aristocals.  He enjoys 30 rock, Veep, and eating hummus w/ pita chips while watching 30 Rock and Veep. Here’s a Day in the Life of a College Student at Williams College!

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9:00 am- Wake up, and eat a slow breakfast.  We have a few dining halls,  as well as some college owned restaurants and cafes, where you can use your meal swipes to eat.  Right down my dorm, there’s a dining hall. At night there’s a restaurant that has really good nachos and pizza.

10:00- I go to Pilates, it’s a PE requirement.

11:00- I go to my earliest class, sociology.  It usually starts at 1.  

12:00 pm- I eat lunch.   Depending on the day, I usually get a grab -go like a sandwich.

2:00 pm- class-  I am loving my Russian lit class, and the books we are reading in that class.

6:00 pm- Dinner with my entry, which is a dorm group.  I like to hang out in the common room a lot.

6:00-9:00- I go to my acapella group rehearsal.

9 pm- Homework. The library here is awesome.  I can bring food inside, and at the dining hall, you can load food on a plate, and then just walk out.

10:00 pm- I head down to the snack bar where I can get some late night pizza or fries.

12:00-2:00- More homework.

2:00 am- sleep!


If Williams was a television show, it would be:  Little House on The Prairie because it’s in the middle of nowhere (I wish we were a little closer to a city).

Favorite thing about : I like the classes a lot .  I like the community a lot.  I like how you can choose what you study, even though that can be overwhelming. They engineer lots of social groups, so its very nice. They’re also very thoughtful about orientation.

Any orientation advice? Just enjoy it.  It can be long, but its very useful.  Just take advantage of free times to get to know people.  You’re not overwhelmed with work then, so try to get to know people camp Williams..

One thing you would change about college in general: I want it to be less expensive, that changes a lot things.

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