A Day in the Life of a Pre-Law Student-Athlete at Georgetown University

If was Georgetown a television show it would be: House of Cards (without the people getting pushed in front of the metro).

                                                sound promising?

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Morning practice or evening practice? Either oar, being a student rower is tough. Nat Capuzzo is a freshman on the Crew team at Georgetown University which is located in Washington D.C.   She is studying psychology and government, and hopes to go to law school.  When she’s not in class or taking cute pictures on boats in front of the national monument for the ‘gram, she’s singing in Superfood ( one of Georgetown’s  co-ed acapella groups) or choir, stage managing theater productions, and occasionally falling asleep on quesadillas.  Here’s a Day in her Life!  

5:30 AM- Wake up, and walk 25 minutes to the boat house.  I’m on the Crew team here.  The team needed a coxswain (the person who steers the boat and motivates the rowers), and  since I started rowing in high school, I’ve always wanted to try it. So I thought “yeah sure i’d be willing to try it”, and long story short, I ended up walking on the team.  I’ve always loved the sport, but I had a back injury and couldn’t row anymore, so this was a way to stay with the sport without exerting myself too much.

6:25-9:00 AM- Practice.  I love it so much.  I mean, it’s beautiful, you’re rowing past the monuments, its so cool.  Only in DC.

9:00- 9:30 AM- Walk back to campus.

9:30 AM -12:00 PM- Now I usually have class,  Today, I have psych and Theology.  In general, though, I have been really enjoying all my classes so far. The politics classes are a little bit intimidating, but I guess I need to get used to them if I’m going to be a  government major haha.  My favorite class is probably my Materials culture class.  It’s a history class, kind of like art history, but not as intense.  A lot about how Italian renaissance architecture changed Italian culture.

 12:00 PM- After class, I come back to my room and take a half hour nap which is very important. (This weekend after waking up at 5:30 for practice on Saturday morning, I ended up skipping my nap and continuing on with my day…which ended up lasting until 3:30 AM.  Then I went to go get food with some kids from my dorm -because that’s what Georgetown students do in the middle of the night. I order a quesadilla,  and next thing I know my friends are shaking me awake. I fell asleep ON MY QUESADILLA and got sour cream on my face…yeah so sleep is important, kids.

12:30 PM- I grab lunch, and bring it back to my room, so I can watch Netflix while I eat.  At Georgetown there’s one dining hall.  The downstairs, is normal buffet style, but you cant serve yourself, so it’s really slow and I never go.  Upstairs there’s a  counter service, so you go up and order.  I usually go here.  There’s an Italian, place, sandwich place, chick fillet.  And everything off campus is amazing.  I really like this Thai place, a few blocks of campus. And Georgetown cupcakes, of course.

2:00 PM- Class again, this time, comparative politics.

4:00 PM- Do my homework (or say I’m going to do my homework, and procrastinate).

6:00 PM- Take dinner to go, my absolute favorite is Caesar Salad with Steak.

8:00 PM-10:30- Time for my acapella group rehearsal.  It’s what I look forward to most in the day.  It’s one  of my favorite things about Georgetown so far along with all the different groups of people I’ve met through my dorm, crew, theater, and choir.  It’s a lot of thing all at once, but I’ve gotten to know a lot of different people in a bunch of different grades. I’ve been focusing on reinventing myself. I go by Nat now.

11 PM- Go to sleep, no time for anything else haha.  Sleep is important, kids.

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college isn’t all beautiful sunrise on the water pics: I miss my parents, and my family- a lot. I am  really close to them.  I wish I could just move Georgetown’ campus home.  Yeah, I’ve been homesick lately, so it’s getting over that.

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Advice to incoming freshman:   Stay up late during orientation, and get to know the people on your floor.  I remember one of the first nights, we were all in the common room, staying up.  We stayed up until 3 just playing cards.  So, introduce yourself even if you think you are not going to see each other again.


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