Top 10 Ways to Make Money Quickly in College

So you checked your bank account, and you not only have no money, you actually owe some (Thanks a lot, Amazon Prime)?  From books, to dorm essentials, to actual tuition, college is expensive!  Here’s a list of ways you can make money, so you can have your cake and eat it too.

1) Become a Tour Guide

Every college has an admissions office, which means every college likely has opportunities for students to be tour guides and student admissions representatives.  This job typically entails you to show prospective students around campus, as well as help with outreach in the admissions office.  

Make Money ++ You can start as soon as you get on campus (I’m looking at you, freshmen), you’ll get really good at walking backwards, and did someone say, pizza work meeting? Read this article for Ten Reasons Being a Tour Guide Changed my Life.

2) Writing Center

Are you a strong writer with a knack for helping others? Well, then cash it in at your school’s writing center! This job will typically entail you to hold one shift per week in the writing center, and attend a weekly meeting (with any luck, it’ll be a pizza meeting) .

Make Money++ It’ll make you a better writer. Seriously.

3) Teacher’s Assistant (TA)

Writers aren’t the only ones that can take their academic prowess to the bank!  If you’re really strong in any one subject, apply to be a TA.   Some professors will just induct students who did really well in their class the year before, but other times they will accept applications, so get on it! This job will typically entail you to help with recitations, and grade some papers.

Make Money++ You’ll make a great professional/academic contact with your professor which can in turn lead to other research or internship opportunities.  

4) Resident Assistant (RA)

While this job doesn’t pay you directly, it will take care of your room and board (which adds up to a lot!). For this job you will be the “dorm parent” to those living on your floor.  You will help them adjust to living away from home and lead  orientation (for which you might be required to arrive on campus a week before orientation).  

Make Money++  Being able to be a role model to younger students.

5) Tutoring

Not an upperclassmen yet, but still want to help others succeed in the classroom- tutor!  Chances are your college is located by a high school or middle school, so cater your tutoring business accordingly.

Make Money ++ You can set your own hours, and work as much or little as you want.

6) Baby-sitting

 The best thing about college is the countless  resources.  This includes your professors (and their kids!).  Being surrounded by so many professors makes getting a baby-sitting job a cinch.  Just reach out to a few professors you know, and chances are you’ll probably get a gig!  

Make Money ++ You can set your own hours, and when the kids are sleeping (which can be a majority of the time if you are baby-sitting at night), you can catch up on some homework ( or Netflix)!

7) Dog-walking

You knew it was coming.  Lots of Professors kids. Some professors have kids- walk them!

Make Money ++ Do I really need to say it?


Driving Uber/Lyft can be a great option if you do have a car, and enjoy driving.  The cool thing about this is you could even do this job on your way to the grocery store or the bank (to cash in the money that you jut made).

 Make Money++ S.Y.O.H (Set Your Own Hours)


9) Waiter/Waitress

Waitering can be a great way to make some money if your college is close to some restaurants.

Make Money++ You’ll get really good at balancing large amounts  of food on a singular tray.

10) Retail

Good ol’ retail, if you’re college is close enough to a shopping complex or mall, this could be a real winner.

Make Money++ Discounted prices, baby!


That’s all for this time, if you we forgot any great ways to make money in college, let us know in the comments below.  And to check out our last post about A Day in the Life of a Wellesley Student click here. Thanks for reading!!