Advice for Pre-Med Students

Mounika Ponakala graduated this past May on the pre-med track with a Bachelor of Arts in Biology, and a concentration in Neuroscience.  She is currently in graduate school for biomedical sciences (which you can read about here), and plans to go on to medical school to become a neurologist.  Here we interviewed her about her […]

Interview with Biomedical Sciences Masters Student: Application, Classes, and Medical School!!

Mounika Ponakala is currently in the Rutgers graduate school of biomedical sciences masters program where she plans to go on to medical school to become a neurologist.  When she’s not studying the microscopic structures of tissue, or the chemical and physio-chemical processes that occur in living organisms, she enjoys watching Eleanor Shellstrop figure out her impossible […]


All About Georgia Tech: Sororities, Application, and More!!

Tanvi Dange is a freshman at the Georgia Institute of Technology where she is studying Business Administration- marketing.   When she isn’t in class, she can be found studying in the culc cluft, hanging out in the Alpha Chi Omega sorority house, or eating sesame fries or chili queso at her favorite Korean-Mexican fusion restaurant, Takorea […]


The College Application Process as told by The Office

Applying to college is an overwhelming, stress-inducing monster.  During said College Application Process,  you can expect the Common App website to become your most viewed page, followed closely by YouTube as you scour the web for clips of puppies playing with babies to calm your nerves.  Here are the stages of applying as told by the lovable […]

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Day in the Life of a College Student at Williams College

Peter Le is a freshman at Williams College where he is interested in the social sciences, specifically political economy, statistics, and sociology. When he’s not in class, Peter can be found at the Vietnamese student association, or singing in one of Williams’s co-ed acapella groups, The Aristocals.  He enjoys 30 rock, Veep, and eating hummus w/ […]


A Day in the Life of a University of Pittsburgh Student

Best restaurant near Pitt: Prince of India and also Lotsa Pizza (make-your-own pizza bar) Best study spot: Quiet study at Hillman library, third floor reading room, there’s a great view of the cathedral of learning.   Hannah Woodruff is an English Writing/Business Marketing major ( considering a minor in literature or a certificate in public […]


Top 10 Ways to Make Money Quickly in College

So you checked your bank account, and you not only have no money, you actually owe some (Thanks a lot, Amazon Prime)?  From books, to dorm essentials, to actual tuition, college is expensive!  Here’s a list of ways you can make money, so you can have your cake and eat it too. 1) Become a […]


A Day in the Life of a Swimmer at Wellesley College

Beth Nicholoson is a freshman at Wellesley College, a liberal arts college for women located in Wellesley, Massachusetts .  She is a on the swim team and enjoys math and sociology.  When she’s not doing the backstroke , or solving equations, Beth can be found  teasing her roommate, in good spirits, of course- here’s A […]

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A Day in the Life of a Pre-Law Student-Athlete at Georgetown University

If was Georgetown a television show it would be: House of Cards (without the people getting pushed in front of the metro).                                                 sound promising? Keep reading! Morning practice or evening practice? […]


A Day in the Life of a Musical Theater BFA Student

Think the glee life might be for you?  Micah Patt is a quadruple-threat (for her incredible talents in the spheres of singing, dancing, acting, and eating  peanut butter).  She is currently a  freshman Musical Theater BFA student at Western Carolina University located in Cullowhee, North Carolina where she especially enjoys spending time with friends, watching […]