10 Times “Stranger Things” Explained Finals Week

What’s scarier than the upside down? More terrifying than a demogorgan?  Finals.   That’s right ladies and gentlemen, it’s finals week, and right about now,  finding Will seems easier than finding those integrals.   Here are ten times Stranger Things explained Finals Week.



1) when you check your exam calendar and realize that everyone of your classes has a final and an essay.





2) When  you realize you have three midterms the week before said finals.




3) When you realize the material in your “confusing stuff I will learn later” folder never got opened, and it’s coming back to haunt you.





4) When you stock up on snacks for studying.





5) When you go to go to office hours, and the Professors words  just go right over your head.




6) When you decide to take a “quick nap” before you start studying, but sleep through all your alarms, and wake up five hours later in a cold sweat (and five hours worth of studying).




7) When  it hits you just how much of your final course grade will be based on this one exam  or essay.




8) When you get the test, and open it.






9) When the Proctor announces you have five minutes left, and you still have unanswered question.






10) When you realize you’re done, and that you re officially on break!!


And that’s all we have for ya, folks.  Happy studying, and good luck!!  

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