Things to do After January Exams

Every student can relate to that feeling everyone has after January exams are over. It’s something beyond happiness and relieve. And even though the semester it’s not over yet you still have a couple of days to rest and do literally nothing.

Because… You deserve it!

However, sometimes we have so much spare time after exams that we don’t even know what to do beyond sleeping, eating dangerous amounts of McDonald’s and watching every single show on Netflix. And for that reason on today’s post we present you with a guide of 8 Things to do After January Exams are over!

So let’s dive in!

Throw a House party:

Nothings says better “goodbye” to January exams than a well earned house party. There’s no better way to release the stress of exams than dancing and having a good time with your friends. Besides, you’ve probably already lost the deposit of your house or apartment so you might as well throw a party so legendary that it will become part of you university’s history!


Organise a sleepover.

Let’s be real. There’s nothing more relaxing, low cost and fun than spending a whole night (or weekend) with a few friends eating pizza and popcorn and rewatching your favourite movies or shows. Make sure to get loads of blankets and pillows, fluffy socks, some fairy lights and big screen and get ready for a night filled with great movies, video games and funny YouTube videos.


Look for a job.

Now that January exams are over, it’s the perfect time to take some time to update your resume and look for a job. That extra cash you earn could become really handy if you want to spend your summer abroad!


Join the gym.

Now that January exams are over, stress is over! So it could be the perfect time to join the gym and get fit! There’s no better way to relieve the stress of exams than killing yourself at the gym! However, if there aren’t any gyms around your area or you simply can’t afford it… You could always go for a jog on a park or in the city!


Just sleep…

Let’s get real. You probably didn’t get ANY sleep during exams week so don’t feel guilty if you just feel like putting on some yoga pants, wrapping yourself in a blanket and sleeping all day. Let’s be honest, you deserve it!

Take some time to visit your family.

Yes, you probably already spent all Christmas at your parents house, but think about it… If you go back home you won’t have to spend any money on food and transport. Besides you get to eat mom’s or dad’s special recipes, you won’t have to do your laundry and even if you have to deal with annoying siblings it will be worth it!

Catch up!

Maybe the last thing you will want to do, but the break after January exams is the perfect opportunity to catch home with your homework. Keep up to date with any projects or essays and make sure you don’t stay behind on this semester!



Now that you have a little bit of free time, it could be the perfect opportunity to do some volunteer work. Charities are always looking for volunteers. Ask around you university if there are any positions they are offering. If not ask around or search the internet for charities that work around your area. Dog shelters are always looking for people to look after dogs!