Tips for students studying abroad.

Have you decided to fly off the nest and go and experience the outside world? Adventure is calling so make sure you are prepared for it! If you are thinking about studying abroad or you have already decided to do so then this post was written just for you! So sit back, grab a pen and a piece of paper and get ready to learn some useful tips and advice on how to survive as a student studying abroad!

But first of all, R-E-L-A-X
I know how exciting and at the same time frightening it is to even think about yourself in another country. But it’s okay! You will make it and you will love it but first of all you have to relax and just go with the flow. Do not panic! You will be fine.


What to take with you.

My advice would be just to take the essentials. Do not take too many socks or underwear as you will definitely get some new ones once you arrive at your new country. Pack only your favourite pieces of clothing, like your favourite hoodie, dress, pair of jeans or bag. Forget about taking too many towels, pillows and t-shirts. You will end up with new ones and you will not be able to bring all of them back home. Also, forget about the extra pair of shoes you never wear but you want to take with you “just in case” believe it or not you will probably never wear them!


Time to say goodbye!

Yes, saying goodbye is always hard but it shouldn’t be all sadness and tears. You are going on an adventure with a return ticket! You will return home! Make sure to see everyone you want to see before leaving and remember it is not a goodbye it’s a see you later!


Land ahoy!

Yay you’ve arrived! But DO NOT PANIC! Don’t intend to do a million things in one day! You’ve got plenty of time to explore!

First of all, settle in, unpack your bags and get used to your new dorm. Maybe take a look at any events or meetings for International students going on at your university. Check your calendar and organise your timetable. Get familiarised with the campus to make sure you don’t get lost on your first day and relax…

Meeting new people!

Time to make some memories! If you live in a student flat then, why not start by introducing yourself to your new flatmates and maybe grab a drink together? Who knows, maybe you will end up being friends for life! However, if you decided to live by yourself then don’t worry! There are plenty of options for you!

Why not start by attending the freshers’ fair organised by your university? There, you will find a ton of activities, clubs, sports and societies you could join in order to meet new people! You will also find clubs or even Facebook groups dedicated to international students, so why not start there? Also, getting a new job is a good way of meeting new people. But remember you are in a new country, no one knows you, so it could be the perfect time to reinvent yourself! Leave your insecurities and concerns at home and get out there and enjoy the experience!

Universities are diverse places so make sure you make friends from all over the world! However, one useful piece of advice would be to also make friends who come from the same country as you or share your culture as they will be the perfect cure if you ever get homesick!


Make it your home.

Once you have settled in and made new friends it is time to make that new country your home. First of all, start by adding your own personal style to your new dorm. Maybe add some scented candles to make it more homey, some new pillows, a nice little plant, some pictures of your friends and family or maybe a poster of your favourite band or movie!

Then get some groceries! Going grocery shopping in a new country can be very challenging as products will probably be very different from your own country… However, it can also be fun as you get the opportunity to try new things! Don’t be afraid of new stuff, try as many things as you can and then decide what suits you best! But don’t forget to play it safe and make sure to get some stuff you definitely know you like!

And remember! Be careful with spending too much if the currency is different from the one you are used to!

Explore the new land!

Finally don’t forget to explore the city and learn some history! Try local restaurants to learn about typical dishes, get a map or guide and find out the beauty that every country, city, town or village hides! Find something you love about that country, it will definitely help you to deal with homesickness and it will make your stay more pleasant. And make sure you take a camera with you and make some memories!