Here’s What you can do while you wait for College Decisions

Hey ladies and gentlemen, it’s that time of year.  And no, I don’t mean the holidays, it’s ED/EA decision  season, and it’s brutal.  Whats worse than writing those apps? Worse than revising the common app essay for the 2923th time? Waiting.  Here are some  things you can do to take your mind off the inevitable, and make these last few days more bearable.

[Quick side: Both of these options require you to hit that submit button on your application much earlier than everyone else. ED, short for Early Decision, is the application option for students who are “100% sure about attending a school” (but is anybody really 100% sure about anything??). When you apply as an early decision applicant,  you are committing to attend said school if you are accepted (unless insufficient financial aid stops you from doing so).   And EA, early action, just means you hear back from the school early- no commitment needed here.


 1) Work on your other apps. 

I know, I know, I hate me for saying it too, but don’t put all your eggs in one basket.  If you finish your other apps and you get in to the school/s you want to get into, then good for you- I promise you won’t even think about the extra few hours you put in finishing those other apps.  And if you don’t get in, you won’t have to worry.


2) Netflix it up.

 Those Stranger Things kids aren’t going to save themselves from the Upside Down by themselves…


3) Read a book.

By the time you’re a senior in high school, it can seem like years since you picked up a “pleasure book for fun”, but try it!   It’ll take your mind off the inevitable, and you might even catch the reading bug! 



You can’t think about college decisions if you’re sleeping.

Human hand working with laptop networking technology
5) Play the Don’t think about Penguins game. 

You know, that game where you’re not supposed to think about penguins (pretty self-explanatory) whereby you always end up thinking about penguins.  Turns out it’s a real thing, and it’s called the ironic process theory, you can read about it here, but essentially if you try not to think about something, you’ll end up thinking about it.  So try not to think about penguins, then the little tuxedo-ed birds might take up the noggin space currently being inhabited by coll- (I won’t say it). 


And there you have it, folks Good luck and good day! Thanks for reading- click here to read our last post!